Lamp Test Board 

The Composite Design Lamp Test Circuit Assembly provides an easy means to test up to ten lamp/annunciator circuits. 

As the hub of annunciator circuitry, it is connected in-line between the warning switches & senders found in most aircraft and helps to organize the wiring by centralizing connections to and from the board.  Functions can be marked on the white tabs by each terminal.

The circuit is programmable such that there is a setup switch for each channel.  These switches are set according to the type of sender used for each channel so that when the unit is activated it will provide the proper stimulus to the lamp or annunciator being used.

Both LED's and small incandescent lamps can be used with the assembly.  Each channel has an integral current limiting resistor for LED use which can be easily bypassed if lamps are used.  This circuit consumes NO current when in normal operating (non test) mode.

Some examples:

A 'PUMP ON' lamp, connected to an electric fuel pump, will light when power is on to the fuel pump & other end of the lamp is to ground. The switch for that channel will be set to SENDER TYPE = HI

A 'LOW OIL PRESSURE' lamp usually has one end connected to +12V and is turned on when the sender on the engine provides a GROUND path..  The switch for that channel would be set to SENDER TYPE = LO

The power required when in test mode is less that 1/4 Amp, not including power for the lamps or annunciators.  Each channel can handle a load of 1/5 Amp, or about 2 Watts maximum!

Each channel is wired with ~330 ohm series resistor for driving LED's.  If a lamp or other type of annunciator is to be used, short that resistor with a short length of solid wire soldered into the extra pads that are found by the end of each resistor.

Dimensions: 5.6"L x 4.0"W x 1"H

Price:  $150 ($160 for 28 Volt System).  International Shipping Available, 6.5% Sales Tax For Units Shipped Within The State of Florida.

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