Electrical Power Panels and Power Control

Composite Design has been the world's leader of pre-wired and custom aircraft electrical components since 1991. Product focus has been directed towards the primary electrical power distribution and control systems found in many of today's experimental aircraft. Over 2000 power systems have been delivered in the past 20 years with a well earned reputation for reliability, quality and factory support.Many of our power and control systems have been revised to reflect the latest trends in avionics and support equipment. The design of our equipment is innovative but practical and to a great degree field serviceable.

The Composite Design Power Panels are self-contained power distribution assemblies that replace most of the components found in an aircraft electrical service buss.  The panels include bus bars, switches, relays, circuit breakers and terminal strips.  All functions are clearly marked on the face of the panel and adjacent to the terminal strips on the main printed circuit board.   Power Panel PC Boards are specially designed with very heavy over plating that will easily carry excessive loads. All wire is Mil Spec 22759, all components are selected for proper DC ratings with traceable manufacturing history. User connections to the panel employ screw mounted ring terminals.

All Composite Design power systems include a filtered Radio Sub Bus that attenuates avionics power supply noise created by alternators, strobes & ignition wiring.

Minimum wiring is required by the installer for typical aircraft.  An installation manual, schematic and general wiring diagram are included.   All metal parts are corrosion resistant aluminum stampings.  The face plate artwork is via a durable LEXAN overlay.  The panels are light weight, dependable and field serviceable.  All switches are D.C. rated as are the thermal circuit breakers. Spares are available through Composite Design and major electronic distributors.   All Composite Design Power Panels are based on heavy duty PC Boards that simplify breaker/switch wiring as well as connections to power system. 

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