Mini Power Panel 

Power Distribution Panel For Home built Aircraft.

Also Includes A Side Panel With"Cessna" Type Split

Master Switch And 30 Amp Alternator Output Breaker.

6 Switches:

Radio Master

Landing Light

Strobe Lights

Navigation Lights

Fuel Pump (electric fuel pump)

Master / Alternator (side panel)

12 Circuit Breakers:

* Fuel Pump  (10A)

* Strobes  (10A)

* Radio 1   (5A)

* Radio 2  (5A)

* GPS  (3A)

* Flight Inst  (3A)

* Nav Lites   (10A)

* Land Lite  (10A) 

* Xponder  (5A)

* Audio (3A)

* Spare  (5A)

* Eng Data  (3A)

Avionics Bus Has Built-In Noise Suppression Circuit

Battery Connects Directly To the Circuit Board with 1/4" Bolts

Two 12 Position Terminal Strips To Simplify Connections

Black Face Plate, White Lettering, Clear Coat Finish

Compact Size: Main Panel: 2.375" Tall, 8.375" Wide, 6.5" Deep

Light Weight: Main Panel: 2 lbs (approx)

Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Panel Bus Bars = 60 Amps Continuous (Includes Radio Bus)

Radio Bus = 12 Amps Continuous (18 Amp @ 10% Duty Cycle)

Panel Working Voltage = 17 / 32 Volts (12 volt system / 28 volt system)

Price:  $600 ($615 for 28 Volt system).  International Shipping Available, 6% Sales Tax For Units Shipped Within The State of Florida.  Also available through  Aircraft Spruce and Specialty.

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