Power Guard Module 

The Power Guard is an essential bus management circuit designed to protect power sensitive and critical electronics. Many of today's aircraft are equipped with electrical components that are mission critical like electronic ignitions or are high power sensitive such as engine monitors and EFIS display systems. Starting currents are usually high enough to cause battery voltage to drop below tolerable limits for many electronics systems. The result could leave you without engine instrumentation until EFIS “reboots” (up to 30 seconds).

Protection includes low voltage drop out and essential backup in the event of primary power loss. Filtration on the secondary supply and secondary battery charging are also an integral parts of the circuit. A secondary battery is required for the Power Guard, a 5-12 Amp battery is recommended for the emergency supply. Several control modes are possible with this system allowing for installation and operational flexibility.  Load Ratings: 7A continuous, 10A 10% duty.  Dimensions: 4.75”l x 2.75”w x 1.2”h

Price:  $125 (12V), $135 (24V).  Back Up Battery (12V @7ah) for $40.

International Shipping Available, 6.5% Sales Tax For Units Shipped Within The State Of Florida.  

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