Standard Power Panel 

The Composite Design Standard Power Panel was revised February 2011. This is the first change to this product in 18 years. Changes were made to compliment modern avionics and instrumentation.

Panel Specifications:

Capacity – 17.5V max. @ 80A (Main Buss)   (28V unit available upon request)

Capacity – 17.5V max. @ 80A (Main Buss)  (28V unit available upon request

Radio Buss – 25A cont., Essential Buss 10A cont.

9 Switches:

* Alternator Field

* Master

* Radio Master

18 Circuit Breakers:

* Land Lite       (10A)

* Display 1        (3A)

* Xponder        (5A)

* Pitot Heat      (10A)

* Display 2        (3A)

* GPS               (3A)

* Strobes          (10A)

* Spare             (10A)

* Avnc Spare   (5A)

* Radio 1           (5A)

* Fuel Pump     (10A)

* Flight Inst     (3A)

* Radio 2           (5A)

* Nav Lights    (10A)

* Eng Data       (3A)

* Audio              (3A)

* Eng Accy        (5A)

* Trim/AP          (5A)

Includes Essential Buss back-up capability for use with the Composite Design Power Guard Module and back-up battery.

Avionics Bus Has Built-In Noise Suppression Circuit

Battery Connects Directly To the Circuit Board with 1/4" Bolts

Terminal Strips To Simplify Connections

Black Face Plate, White Lettering

Compact Size: 2.25" Tall, 13.0" Wide, 7.75" Deep

Light Weight: 2.75 lbs (approx)

Price: $825.00 (14V) $840.00 (28V).  International Shipping Available, Unit also available through Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, Catalog # 11-11675.

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* Pitot Heat

* Spare Circuit

* Fuel Pump

* Landing Light

* Strobe Lights

* Nav Lights